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Title: Donate RSGP
Post by: Graanks on January 14, 2012, 05:08:48 pm
There is alot more benifits of donating then just getting that Nice $ sign beside your name

Heres a list of Donation Levels

- Basic donation benifits: Access to Donator zone, Donator img Beside your name, Donator tab access ( Full gwd killcount, Switch spellbook's anywhere, Donorzone tele )

- Super Donator Benifits: Basic donor benifits + 3 item's Of Choice (must be attainable ingame)

- Extreme Donator Benifits: Super donator benifits +2 item's of choice (so you get 5 in total) , A custom Yell Nameplate And You Have superiority over other donators.

PRICES: Basic donator -  10m RSGP
           Super Donator -  20m RSGP
           Extreme Donator - 30m Rsgp

Prices are Negotable.

For Rsgp Payments: Contact Graanks ingame or on Forums

-Other payments may be negotable.

- Sincerely, Graanks